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I hope to have more up here later, including my study notes for the Windows NT 4.0 Server exams. In the meantime, I hope the following table can be of help to those trying to learn Cascading Style Sheets.

When I sat down to teach myself Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), I did what I always do: searched the web. It was pretty easy to find tutorials on the subject. The tutorial I ended up following was MULDER'S STYLESHEET TUTORIAL. It's clear and straightforward with plenty of examples. What I wanted, however, was a good reference chart containing the properties and values permissible in CSS. That was a little harder to come by. I ended up creating my own chart using Quatro Pro. Here, I've recreated that chart so that, should others want a similar reference, they can have it. The chart is not exhaustive, but contains all of the key words covered in the above tutorial. I've found it useful even as I create the pages herein. I hope to add to it as I learn. One thought I have is to color-code the reserved words to indicate which browsers they work with, but that in itself is a rather complicated issue.
There's no reason for me to reinvent the wheel. Try the above tutorial. Before you even go there, though, I'll warn you that learning CSS is an exercise in frustration. Neither Navigator nor Explorer supports CSS 100%. (Word has it that Navigator 5.0 will have full-compliance.) It takes some experimentation to successfully implement CSS in a way that works with both browsers. I think, however, that the effort is worth it. Whatever your opinion of these pages, they are easier to design and maintain using style sheets. My advice is go for it, and good luck!

Cascading Style Sheet Lookup Chart
Properties Reserved Word Attributes
font-size (keywords) xx-small x-small small medium large x-large xx-large
font-size (relative) smaller larger
font-size (absolute) All length units1
font-weight (absolute) light normal bold 100-900 (in increments of 100)
font-weight (relative) lighter bolder
font-style normal italic oblique
font-variant small-caps
font-family serif sans-serif cursive fantasy monospace
word-spacing All length units1
letter-spacing All length units1
text-indent All length units1
text-align left right center justify
text-transform uppercase lowercase capitalize none
text-decoration underline overline line-through blink none
line-height All length units1 integer (times font size)
margin-left / -right / -top / -bottom px (pixels) pt (points) % (per cent)
padding-left / -right / -top / -bottom
border-width All length units1
border-color All color units2
border-style solid double dotted dashed groove ridge inset outset
vertical-align top bottom text-top text-bottom baseline middle sub super
float left right
clear left right both
color (foreground) All color units2 hex (#nnnnnn) decimal rgb(r,g,b) transparent
background-color All color units2
background-image URL()
background-repeat repeat-x repeat-y repeat no-repeat
background-attachment scroll fixed
background-position top bottom left right center All length units1 (X,Y)
position absolute relative static
     top / left / width / height All length units1
     overflow visible hidden auto scroll
     z-index integers (higher on top)
visibility visible hidden inherit
clip All length units1 auto

in (inches) cm (centimeters) mm (millimeters) pc (picas) pt (points)
px (pixels) em ('M'-lengths) % (per cent) ex (x-height)

aqua black blue fuchsia navy olive purple red
gray green lime maroon silver teal white yellow

100% hand-coded