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Greetings, fellow chittenoids, and welcome to this, your home away from home, The Secret ExoJello Hive of the Bugmen. Our Queen Mother sends greetings, and wants you to know that she is pleased with your work. The process of indoctrination through infiltration goes well. Our agents are positioning themselves in key positions in all of Earth's major organizations. We even have an agent who successfully became a delivery boy for Domino's Pizza.(We should all give a round of congratulations to Bugman Tzurklflnt for a job well done!)
These endoskels are quite strange, are they not? When first observed, it was assumed that Earthlings, like us, enjoyed a hive No one is safe from the bugmen! mentality. After all, they follow safe, well-established routines day in and day out with little deviation. There seemed to be a set structure of centralized control, albeit from a few locations. Further exploration, however, led us to the conclusion that worker Earthlings do not actually share a hive mind! No one can explain how, left to their own pitiful volitions, endoskels still manage to function as a hive.
There were a few clues that led to this finding. First, we explored all of the known mental bandwidths, but could find no interpersonal communication. Rather, their communication consists of vocalizations, movements and expressions. At one point, we heard of rare cases where endoskels had "multiple-personality disorders." This led us to believe that perhaps a few individuals were beginning to evolve. Further investigation was disappointing, however, as these multiple voices seemed not to be communications with other endoskels.
The next clue was the type of endoskel that we have labeled the maverick. Earthling society seems to contain a multitude of mavericks. No amount of scorn or derision or outright punishment Bugman, have you any coffee? can bring these mavericks in line. This anarchy is near-incomprehensible to civilized beings such as ourselves. The only explanation is that there is no hive-mind brought to bear on the maverick's behavior. Left to his own devices, the maverick shuns the necessary rule of society and engages in meaningless and dangerous activities. Without the hive mentality, Earthling society is powerless to reassimilate the individual into productiveness.
If anything surprises us, it's that there aren't more mavericks in Earthling society. What binds the multitudes to do the bidding of the powers that be? They dress alike, speak alike and act alike. Save for the mavericks, it is often hard for Bugmen new to Earth to distinguish between various endoskels. Day after day, week after week, month after month, Earthlings follow the same tasks appointed to them, but without the controlling incentive of a Queen Mother.
We are still researching this very strange phenomenon. Further findings will be reported as they occur. In the meantime, it is imperative that no endoskel discover this meeting place. Our plans are still being laid, and any premature leak of the invasion could destroy all of our efforts. If any agent finds out that an endoskel has viewed this page, your orders are to eliminate the Earthling immediately.


For those of you who have recently arrived on this this rude new blue-hued planet, the Queen Mother decreed that we include some instructions on blending in to endoskel society. To that end, I have made information on my altar-ego available for all to view. To view this, or other information, just click on the appropriate link to the left.

Keep up the good work, fellow chittenoids, and soon Earth will be ours!

We are everywhere!

What? Only
chittenoids have visited since tomorrow?

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